Promotional goods – the perfect way to get people talking about you!

Being a charity is hard, so it’s no surprise that promotional goods are the last thing for some to think about. First there’s all the keeping on top of the funds, second there’s the human resources side of it, and third there’s the coming up with new ideas. Yet the truth of the matter is that if you don’t create personalised promotional merchandise and promotional gifts, you’re missing a serious trick. Promotional GoodsBy creating products like calendars, greetings cards and postcards, you’re doing a huge amount of work with very little effort. Many company owners worry about spending money and getting no return, but the great thing about promotional merchandise is that providing you follow a few simple rules, people will buy your promotional gifts, allowing you to raise awareness of your cause or charity while at the same time as making people smile!

Rule number 1 – using promotional merchandise to make that personal connection

Promotional gifts are ideal because they are fully bespoke. In other words, come to The Calendar Company and we’ll create promotional merchandise for you which is 100% unique. People love getting to know the people behind an organisation, so why not fill the pages of your calendar with the faces of your staff and a bit about how they make your charity do great things? It’ll encourage people to contribute to your cause, and the wonderful thing about calendars and other promotional gifts is that they are very practical. They won’t just sit there, they’ll fulfil a genuine purpose for months!

Rule number 2 – promotional gifts are great for giving out

The idea of handing out promotional gifts for free might seem crazy, but people love free things and doing so has always yielded good results. Hand out free greetings cards and people are much more likely to order a calendar from you online, right? Promotional merchandise is extremely flexible, comes in many different sizes and can be moulded to suit your precise needs. The Calendar Company have a history of working with charities and organisations on lots of things related to promotional goods, so if you’re interested, drop us a line or email us and we’ll see if we can throw some inspiration your way.


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