Calendar printers may not be the first words that come to mind when you think about motivating your work-force in the new year, but as a calendar printing company, we’ve seen the effect that the selling of quality merchandise can have. Once, calendar printing was done in dusty old workshops. Nowadays, however, we like to do things differently, in an environment where imagination and creativity play vital roles. With an emphasis on technology and artistry, and many clients who run charities, we like to focus on the fine details that people really do consider. And it’s this attention-to-detail which helps breath life back into promotional campaigns that get charities noticed. Another effect of this, of course, is a boost in staff morale. The great thing about calendars is their diverse appeal. Employees have fun organising them, and they can be given away in competitions and sold to increase a charity’s profile. Best of all, they’re a highly practical product that genuinely do get used all round.

Calendar printing could change the way people view your charity

Charities often suffer from concerns about changing. Will people still recognise the brand when the logo and leaflets have been updated? Will people equate the money spent on promotional gifts with not needing more money for future campaigns? In reality, our calendar printing company has found that people connect with quality calendars and spread word about that charity or organisation. Providing some thought is given to style and consistency, it’s not hard to update a company’s image without losing the personality that it was born with.

The calendar printing company who treat every client as a unique individual

Mass production is fine for some calendar printing situations, but as a specialist calendar printing company, we’ve always wanted every client to feel unique. To make sure that every job is as good as it can be, we start from scratch every time, looking at style, layout and format with an eye for detail and a commitment not to push you over your initial budget. Our blog features a number of articles about how we as calendar printers can help you out, but you can always feel free to call 01785 747461 if you’d like to chat as well!


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