How to use bespoke calendar printing to set-up promotional competitions

The great thing about bespoke calendar printing is that anything is possible. Go to a general printing firm and they’ll do calendar printing in a fairly basic way – few options, not a great deal of room for manoeuvre. Come to this calendar printing company, however, and we’ll allow you to get really creative! And one big reason why charities use us is very simple: we make calendars that combine great photography with excellent value-for-money and quality paper-weights. This is good news for charities who are looking to raise awareness at Christmas or otherwise. Lots of charities have used our calendar printing services to create products that are fun, unique and intriguing, and in this blog post we’ll explain how you can throw a great competition which will spread your charity’s name far and wide.

With our calendar printing, attention-to-detail is encouraged!

General printing firms understandably have to cover all the bases. We, on the other hand, do bespoke calendar printing and associated things in a way which focuses specifically on the fine details. One great way to get a promotional competition going is to ask your patrons and website visitors to submit their favourite photos. The winners get to see their prized images on the calendars, and that means great things. They’re smiling because they contributed to a fantastic calendar, and you get to give the calendars away or sell them, with all the money going directly to the cause you support.

The knock-on effect of this, of course, is that people who support your cause might decide to do their very own calendar printing project. It doesn’t have to just be photos, either. Illustrations, paintings and black & white drawings all work very well.

The advantages of using a specialist calendar printing company

Calendar printing has come a long way, so when you set-up a promotional competition, we guarantee that the calendars that get produced are first-class and nothing less! The beauty of this kind of competition is simple: everyone loves a different theme and all can be featured on calendars, making them interesting to whichever demographic you are catering to. By combining our calendar printing company with your bespoke calendar printing ideas, the result is likely to cause a buzz!


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