Want to show your charity’s very best side? A brochure style calendar could just be the way to do it!

Let’s start with what a brochure style calendar is – quite simply, it’s a calendar which takes the classic format we all know and love, and adds some serious style, finesse and content along the way. At The Calendar Company, brochure style calendar printing means creating luxurious products which do far more than simply allow the buyer to keep track of times and dates. Read on to see why brochure style calendars are becoming increasingly popular, then discover why using them could really boost the awareness surrounding your organisation.

Brochure style calendar printing is pure quality

Everyone loves the look and feel of brochure style calendars. Mirroring the quality of glossy magazines and quality leaflets, brochure style calendars are a world away from the flimsy, cheap, mass-produced calendars you can buy almost anywhere. Even better, a brochure style calendar lends itself to any occasion and is highly adaptable. If you’re looking to sell your calendars at outdoor events and fairs, you can have one which is economical, yet filled with stunning images and small stories which show what you’re all about. Looking to create brochure style calendars which you can send out free? Brochure style calendar printing gives you all the control and The Calendar Company are happy to suggest different design ideas and give plenty of typeface input. What makes us different is very simple: we deliver premium products which are easily customizable, giving you the broadest range of options possible!

The other great benefits of brochure style calendars

With a brochure style calendar, your organisation and unique thinking will always shine through. The quality which brochure style calendar printing brings also means that you won’t be forgotten, and nobody will want to throw that calendar away! And don’t worry if you already have all the ideas and just need a printer to get them into action. We can create brochure style calendars entirely to your brief or take on all the thinking – for more info, send us an email or call us on 01785 747461.


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