Need options? We’re a calendar printing company who know all about that!

Options are what life is made of, and when you approach a calendar printing company, you want as many as you can possibly get, with as much room for manoeuvre as makes sense within the limitations that exist: maybe you want custom calendar printing to deliver a range of different paper finishes, or calendar printers who understand where to place a photo to catch the attention of a certain demographic. We know all about options, so if you have an idea for some calendars but aren’t sure if it’s possible, we’re the people to speak to about that.

Custom calendar printing from experienced professionals

Experience matters, we all know that, and it’s not enough to just say you have it – you have to be able to prove it too. And when it comes to custom calendar printing, experience matters a great deal. Inexperience means you end up with a sub-standard product that won’t do what you expected it to, so that’s why we only employ trained calendar-making professionals who understand the difference between OK and fantastic. Another by-product of experience, of course, is efficiency that keeps things smooth and simple. When you speak to us about your charity or organisation’s needs, we’ll likely have covered the same ground before. This means we can get a quality finished result faster than a general printing firm would ever be able to do. You end up with something you always wanted, that sells your charity as it deserves.

The calendar printers who deal with charities every single day

As a custom calendar printing firm, we deal a lot with charities, not-for-profit organisations and small businesses. Charities need as many options as anyone else from calendar printers, and sometimes more to deal with innovative new ways of marketing their products. We have that covered, and we’re happy to give advice over the phone about paper-weight, matte or gloss finishes, colour usage and so much more. Call 01785 747461 and we’ll run you through what our calendar printing company can offer for all the different budgets out there.


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