Calendars Suppose your objective is to have your corporate name in front of your clients every day of the year. How could you possibly achieve it? The answer is of course to get a calendar printing quote and see whether this is a cost effective way to do your marketing. Surprisingly the answer might well be yes. Don’t get me wrong, printing a bespoke calendar is not inexpensive. Rather than to produce some other piece of marketing with equivalent staying power – sitting there on the wall 365 days a year – would be unimaginably expensive. With a printed calendar your business name, image, logo and of course contact details can be in front of your client all year round. When it comes to designing your personalised corporate calendar there are a few things worth remembering. First of all if you are going to all the trouble to get a calendar printing quote, make sure you include obtaining decent artwork design with your calendar print request. It is very easy to end up printing a wonderful calendar, only for it to occur to you too late (after they have been delivered) that the calendar does not contain sufficient contact details for your organisation! This is our golden rule for calendar printing, “include your contact details in the design for your calendar and brand the calendar as yours, colours, fonts, etc.”.

And I don’t just mean on the front page of the calendar. Once your has received the gift they’ll quickly turn over to January with a tendency to forget who went the trouble of designing and printing a calendar for them in the first place. The best technique is to ensure that you include your entire company contact details on each sheet of your calendar. You should go out of your way to mention this to your printer at the calendar design stage. Also, don’t be too subtle about mentioning your business. Your customer will be looking at your calendar throughout the year and that can have a strange impact. What happens is that you see right through the detail.

Here is a design we complete last year for a customer of ours who wanted to include their own recipes within the calendar design, also to keep costs down they wanted 2 months per page (suitable for A3 calendars only). Please get in touch if you would like for us to provide a quotation on a similar product


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