The new year is the perfect time to consider bespoke calendar printing, as it’s a great way to get your charity’s name out there once again and in front of brand-new people. Charities and not-for-profit organisations use calendar printing in lots of different ways, but one reason which unites all of them is simple: using a calendar printing company is a great way to encourage growth and reputation, while at the same time producing a useful product that won’t just get put in the recycling bin.

Liven things up with calendar printing that’s sensitive and professional

Bespoke calendar printing is very diverse, and this means many different options for everyone with an idea. You could go for full colour, a glossy brochure design, or a slim-line calendar in classy black and white. But one thing that’s essential is that you use a calendar printing service that is sensitive to your particular needs. When you come to our calendar printing company, we won’t try to make something so flashy that it can be seen from outer-space. Instead, we’ll help you create something that fits within your charity’s sector, and looks smart and functional.

Why you should use a specialist calendar printing company

A general calendar printing company might have done a fair few calendars, but chances are that their knowledge spans a number of products and printing techniques. Here, we only do calendars and postcards/greeting cards, and the advantage of this is calendar printing that’s refined, sharp and not over the top. Another reason people come to us is our vast experience with printing on different weights and qualities of paper. If you’re not sure which kind of format or type of paper will suit your calendar project, then you can always ask our team for some helpful advice. One of the wonderful things about personalised production is that every aspect can be changed and modified, enabling you to enjoy a bespoke calendar printing service that will enable you to get the most out of every part of the process.


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