Being calendar printers, we spend an awful lot of time working with colour and design. Working out which colours to put together on the same page may seem obvious from a quick Google search, but the reality is that matching colour takes practice and natural talent that can’t always be learned. With calendar printing there are many other factors to consider, of course. For example, how do you create a new calendar for your charity and liven things up while not leaving the old colour scheme behind? In this post, we’ll examine just that and give you some insight from a calendar printing company who do it all, every day (…that’s us!).

2 tips to better calendar printing results

Looking to revive interest in your charity or organisation? In that case, a bright and bold new calendar will never go amiss. But hold on a minute. As dedicated calendar printers, our first tip would always be to stay consistent. What we mean by this is simple: if the colour that patrons associate with your charity is green and yellow, keep it that way for the new design. That doesn’t mean you can’t make it brighter, though. By keeping the colour theme consistent, you’ll make sure that people recognise you, and by adding in bright elements, you’ll remind people that you are always moving with the times.

Our second piece of advice would be to consider the positives of glossy calendar printing. Brochure style calendars looks fantastic, and always catch people’s eyes.

As a calendar printing company, we’ll work to your brief or help you create a bold new one

Every charity is different. Some have a huge marketing team who spends months perfecting their next calendar, while smaller charities task just one person with all the creative decisions! Whatever the case, our calendar printing company is happy to work with either scenario. The main thing with calendar printing is to carefully consider the brief, and providing you do this, the end result should be something that makes your patrons smile. So whatever your budget, allow our calendar printers to offer their opinion or just go with the flow and enhance what you’re thinking.


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