Explore the possibilities of post card printing – a great option for every charity

Post card printing has been around for hundreds of years, and while greeting card printing is generally more expensive, it can offer some great ideas for companies looking to make a firm impression. Lastly in this week’s blog post, we’ll cover how calendar printing could make your charity or organisation’s Christmas one to remember, and have a look at how exciting graphic design ideas are transforming value-for-money printing, no matter what your budget.

Greeting card printing is ideal whatever the season

Post Car PrintingWhy post card printing? Post cards are loved by everyone, are very cheap to send, and can be used in a myriad of different ways. Why not send some out to your treasured clients this Christmas, or create some bespoke limited-edition versions from the winners of a November photographic competition? Greeting card printing is another option which gives excellent results. Go for full-colour or black & white, or choose a combination of both with a personalised design based on our expert employees’ thinking.

Alternatively, you may wish to finally get that calendar printed. Many of the firms we work with use our calendar printing services, and for different reasons, depending on their demographic. Some sell them at charity events and send them to patrons, while others find that using them is pivotal to raising awareness about what they are doing. For raising awareness, nothing beats a product that can be hung on a wall and used as a practical tool for busy modern life.

The options for calendar printing are unlimited!

We’re called The Calendar Company for a reason: it’s what we specialise in, and it’s where we have our roots. Thought that all calendars were made equal? Not so! To get calendar printing right every time, you need an eye for detail and a comprehensive understanding of graphic design and photographic layout. The same can be said for greeting card printing and our other services, of course. Feel free to browse the website and find out more, or give us a ring on 01785 747461 and speak to one of our friendly team today about how you can get started with post card printing.


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