Be creative – promotional gifts can do fundraising wonders!

Promotional gifts make all the difference when it comes to fundraising. The great thing about promotional goods is that you’re doing everyone a favour. Firstly you’re selling a product which is getting your name out there, and secondly you’re making money for the people who matter. When it all comes together, it means a lot of choice and room for creativity where promotional merchandise is concerned.

Our calendars have been used as promotional advertising for years now, and we know from customer feedback that people love them for their quality, not to mention the fact that any calendar we produce is fully customisable. Great news if you’d like that photo a little bigger or a bit more room for the dates and times below.

Affordable promotional goods to make everyone smile

Selling your calendars to make money for charity is one great idea, but there are lots of other reasons to use promotional goods to their fullest potential. For example, you might be a small company who sponsors a local tennis club. But what happens when the club need help and their courts require a bit more money than you have to invest? That’s where our quality services come in.

Promotional GiftsAnother reason to sell promotional gifts might be to raise awareness of a cause, or to aid a village in receiving funds from bigger sponsors. We’ve had feedback from people where selling promotional merchandise like our calendars has raised awareness of important issues. Hypothetically, if a school was on the brink of being closed down and a number of local businesses got together to create great personalised ideas, it could make all the difference. Seeing the calendars, the newspapers would be impressed and likely to spread the message. As such, promotional gifts are a powerful tool which can help everyone: the community, the individual and the business or charity combined.

Promotional merchandise makes things personal and people love that

Sometimes, in the course of raising money for charity and other things, we forget that the personal touch is more important than almost any other thing. All our promotional gifts, promotional goods and promotional merchandise are designed so you can tweak the crucial little details. When it comes to all these things and more, The Calendar Company is here to help, so be sure to check out our website for new promotional gifts or give us a call on 01785 662 079 and have a chat!


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