The Calendar Company’s guide to creating a great brochure style calendar

Creating a generic calendar is easy, but crafting a brochure style calendar that hits every target is another matter entirely. So it’s on this logic that we’ve created this handy guide to brochure style calendar printing. No more dodgy calendars which don’t sell your charity’s attributes and spell-out why your cause is a good one. By the time you reach the end of this blog post, you should know what a good brochure style bespoke calendar looks and feels like, allowing you to take complete control.

Get the best out of brochure style calendar printing

First up, a brochure style calendar relies heavily on aesthetics. So when considering which photographs to use, remember these two things: it has to relate to the people you’re looking to for help keeping your charity working, and it has to look good in both concept and quality. That means having a good think about how brochure style calendar printing can put a smile on the patrons of your charity or organisation. Animals are great, and pets always work well. Then again, you might think of something unique to set your brochure style bespoke calendar apart from the rest.

If the people who help your charity are interested in sports and recreation, you could set-up a competition on your website, with the winning photos being compiled into a series of calendars which are printed as a limited edition!

Finishing touches a brochure style bespoke calendar can benefit from

As we alluded to above, quality is critical. If you’re going to go to the trouble of spending hours creating brochure style merchandise reflective of your business, you need to remember that people are used to looking at good photos, whether on the net or in magazines. The good thing is that brochure style calendar printing lends itself perfectly to quality. Each has a good weight about its pages, and generally speaking, a brochure style bespoke calendar looks great in black and white or colour. Lastly, there’s no reason to worry if you haven’t done all this before. We have, many times, and all our employees have dealt with brochure style calendar issues countless times, making them more able to understand what you need than the general calendar company who do this rarely.


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